We supply and install different types of fan with equipment from renowned European manufacturers who are characterized

by quiet operation and exceptionally large amount of air that can be delivered in a given time interval, the possibility of regulation

and harmonization of the fan speed according to the current temperature in the barn and thus facilitate the living conditions

of animals and the work of employees.
We offer systems that are optimized for specific customer requirements in order to achieve savings in energy consumption

and thus were more acceptable and economically.

We especially emphasize ventilation systems with large air flow and a reduced airflow speed.

HVLS – Eng: High Volume Low Speed

The so-called “helicopter” fans driven by large volumes of air from the top down

and implement process changes, mixing and redistribution of the ambient air.

Low speed of rotation of the propeller-blades ensures gentle breeze that significantly lowers the temperature

in the house and create a pleasant atmosphere for animals and humans.

Benefits of HVLS fans:

– The continuous and equal flow of air causes the animals are not “grouped”

– The breeze created by the fan ranges from 3-7 km / h, which refreshes animals

  and does not create any discomfort to them

– Reducing heat stress on animals prevents a drop in milk production

– Drastically reducing the temperature in the house 2-9 C

– Constant and easy movement of air eliminates condensation and helps keep litter trays dry,

  and thus increases comfort and reduces the presence of animal microbes.

– One fan with diameter of 600cm replaces 6 conventional fans with a diameter of 140cm with flow

  of air and covers an area four times larger than its diameter

– Compared with conventional ventilation systems, saving on electricity consumed

  energy is drastic

– The noise level is very low and it does not generate unusual currents and wind whirls

– A large propellers in motion frighten birds and reduce their presence in the buildings


Technical specifications and features:

– Equipped with 5 blades of anodized aluminum, width 22cm

– Special flaps on the ends of the blades to increase efficiency and steady stream of air

– Three-phase motors 400V 50Hz power of 0.75kW model for 330cm diameter up to 1.5kW

   model diameter of 690cm

– Adjusted for working at different speeds

– The gear units are maintenance-free

– The air flow in the range of 160.000m3 / h for model 330cm diameter to 400.000m3 / h

  model diameter of 690cm

– Air velocity is always 3-7 km / h, with conventional fan speed on

  output reaches unpleasant 30 km / h, and decreases to 0.5km / h at a distance of 13 to 14 meters.

We offer all standard related materials, control unit with automatic regulation

speed, temperature probes, brackets and reception accessories …