We offer submersible, vertical, overhead and all other types of electric pumps for manure and other fluids,

power of 4 up to 22kW, from renowned European manufacturers.

We deliver all components, valves, clamps, brackets and connectors for installation and connection of the pumps

on the transportation pipelines of various diameters.

For the transportation of fluids and we offer various types of pipes and fittings, flanges and knees for the same.

For all pumps offer the possibility of automation of work, according to the daily and weekly preset modes,

and the quantity of liquid in the tank / pit. We also supply and various pumps in the tractor/PTO driven version.

Overview of the basic models of pumps:


TMHP model

High pressure submersible pump with electromotor and upper intake

Power 11, 17 and 22kW, 400V, 50Hz, 1450 / min.

The transfer of liquid manure, biomass and industrial and waste water

Maximum capacity of 200, 300 and 350 m3 / h and pressure 2.0, 3.2 and 3.8 Bar.


TMP model

Standard submersible pump for various purposes

Power of 4-22kW, 400V, 50Hz, 1450 rpm / min.

Maximum capacity of 80 to 408 m3 / h and pressure 0.8-2.3 Bar.


LHP model

Long shaft pump with the upper inlet

Power of 11-22kW

The maximum capacity of 200-350 m3 / h, pressure of 2.0-4.0 Bar.


LKP model

Long shaft pump with the lower intake

Power 5.5-22kW

The maximum capacity of 155-408 m3 / h, pressure of 0.8-2.3 Bar.


DKP model

Pump with specially designed vanes

Ideal for installation directly in the pipeline section

Motorized or tractor drive

Power of 4-30 kW capacity from 18 to 243 m3 / h, pressure of 1-5 bar.


HEX model

Eccentric screw pumps for a variety of uses

Power of 7.5-15 kW, capacity 26-68 m3 / h, pressure of 2-6 bar.


Various submersible pumps with accessories


Various centrifugal surface pumps

Various long shaft pumps


Various rotary lobe pumps

10 – 1500 m3/h, up to 90mm free passage, up to 16 Bar pressure, easy maintenance

Cutting, grinding and shredding devices

Up to 1140 m3/h


Special progressive cavity pumps – easy maintenance, adjustable