Covers for tanks and lagoons

We can offer all sorts of covering solutions for your concrete and metal storage tanks, and also for lagoons.

Modular floating cover – by Hexa-Cover®




  • For open lagoons and tanks for manure, water and industry, made of 100% recycled PP plastic with UV protection, in the form of a hexagon
  • The expected shelf life of at least 25 years
  • Covers the surface of the liquid to 99%,
  • Reduces evaporation nitrogen 95-97%
  • Reduces odors by 90%
  • Keeps the temperature below the surface,
  • Allows quality content manure
  • Reduces water evaporation and prevents the formation of algae.

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Tarpaulin roof cover


  • They are made of the highest quality type of PVC material weight 900 g / m2 which ensures maximum resistance to cracking and stretching.
  • The central pillar is made of top quality wood and forms the main basis of quality and solid construction.
  • All tensioners are made of stainless steel and easy to tighten the tape submitted to 2000 kg load individually.
  • Peak cap roof is robust and large, ensuring good posture roof tarpaulins by numerous screws and protective double layer, maximum stability at the central pillar, and also allows for easier and safer installation


Double membrane cover

  • The roof membrane construction of biogas plants with an integrated tank of gas.
  • The inner membrane is treated special coating for complete impermeability and resistance to gas.
  • The outer membrane is UV-stabilized.
  • The supporting structure consists of middle pillar made of stainless steel, belt system and covering network.
  • Mechanical device for measuring the quantity of gas to the measuring tube and the magnet, 3-piece magnetic switch (insurance of explosion).

Depending on storage tank, material stored and other parameters,
we always try to choose the best option for our clients!