Storage tanks

Panontech is a leading company in the region when we consider the metal containers for manure,
their delivery and installation.
Years of experience in sales and installation, and partnerships with leading world manufacturers of tanks
put us in the top of the current supply in the region.
To our clients we recommend the best option among several types of containers.

Enameled steel tanks

The diameters of 3.41m – 51.1M, height from 1:47 – 21.07m, with a capacity of 12 – 17177m3

Stainless steel tanks

The diameters of 2.75m – 43.01m, height of 1.28 – 11.73m, with a capacity of 9 – 8599m3

Galvanized steel tanks with or without inner liner

The large range in size and capacity as needed

We also offer all accessories for the tanks, working platforms,
ladder – climbers, input and output ports, pipes, etc. Our tanks are characterized by high resistance to corrosion and other chemical effects, durability,
scalability and mobility.
For all your questions will be answered gladly and promptly!