Cow mattress

High quality and long lasting mattresses for cows made of a special mixture of polyurethane and latex,

and which are also distinguished by a particularly high comfort for the animals.


Softness: the mattress is designed to provide a compromise between softness, comfort and resistance to load,

thus avoiding loss of balance and random falls of animals.


Elasticity: thanks to the special cell structure, the mattress always returns to its original thickness, holding the fabric taut

and prevents the creation of holes and gaps, and prevents stagnation of fluids and urine.


Resistance: high quality materials and attachment system are a guarantee of resistance and the effectiveness of the mattress over time.

The first mattresses, manufactured and installed in 2001, are still in use and intact.


Thermal insulation: the mattress is made of a mixture of polyurethane foam and latex, the material of high thermal insulation,

which prevents the transfer of cold from the concrete surfaces on the body of the animals in the winter and heat in summer.


Hygiene: Flow of the urine down from the surface without sagging allows you to always keep the animal clean and thereby reducing

the time required for cleaning and removal.


Cost reduction: in the case of signs of wear over the years, the upper protective mat is quickly replaceable, without the need

for replacing the substrate of the mattress. This feature significantly reduces maintenance costs for cows in perfect conditions.