Cleaning of tanks

We do cleaning of all types of tanks, fermenters and lagoons.

  • Preliminary work planning, preparation pipeline for pumping / discharge, removal openings for ventilation
  • Emptying by pump large flow or free-fall
  • Ventilation naturally and forced ventilation
  • Machine (vacuum truck) and manually cleaning the sediment and foreign matter from the tank
  • Cleaning the connectors, sensors, beams, walls, heating pipes, mixers and other equipment
  • Final rinse and pumping
  • Closing access and other openings and their adequate sealing materials
  • Refill the tank with liquid – water, slurries, biomass …
  • Design exterior insulation optionally

The sediment in the fermenter diameter of 26.00m and a height of 8.00m – 90m3 of stone, sand and sludge biomass

The accumulated foreign objects on the agitator – plastic bags, ropes, straps …

The process of pumping the liquid part of the fermenter

Vacuuming sludge / sediment using vacuum trucks – Saugbagera

Only hot water pipes cleaned from deposits