PRORAIN system

Extraordinary price-performance ratio

Highly economical due to low energy required

Fully automatic irrigation by computer

Operating reliability through use of high-quality components

 All steel parts are galvanized. This means optimal corrosion protection for our machine which is reflected in the stable value and long lifespan.

 Wall-thickness adjusted of every single PE-pipe in order to achieve low pressure loss and to save energy.

The machine is immovably anchored to the ground – even with retraction forces up to 20% higher than those of similar machines.

By using coated, high-performance chains, a maintenance-free operation and a long lifespan are guaranteed even with high retraction power.

The first layer of the PE pipe is the layer exposed to the highest retraction forces and therefore it is important that no edges or small supporting points damage the PE pipe and eventually reduce its lifespan. To prevent such wear, each reel core of the PRORAIN drum is completely closed and equipped with a special pipe guard. The first layer of the PE pipe sits on the drum evenly and without distortion. The pipe is gently guided into the right position for each layer.

Level-wind works gently and nearly maintenance-free through a double guided winding mechanism and a precisely driven helically grooved spindle.