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We offer best solutions for the storage of different types of liquids per m3 stored liquids! The optimal solution for the storage of water, waste water, manure …, characterised by high levels of adaptability to the requirements of the project, the ground and the environment. Our storages are durable, do not require special maintenance and […]

Structured geomembrane

We also cna offer you a high-quality geomembrane wiche are structured on one or both sides during the production process – extrusion to ensure maximum adhesion to the substrate on which they sets. Ideal for slash lagoons, canals and landfills.

Colored geomembranes

We also can offer you two-color coextruded geomembrane made of polyethylene high density of the highest quality with pigments and UV stabilizers. As a result of its color, the product achieves maximum integration their environment, or improve appearance and emphasizes in particular the visual applications. Available colors are green, blue, turquoise, ocher, gray and white. […]
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