We are specialists for lagoon storage of liquid manure, digestate, drinking and waste water.

After years of direct experience and a number of projects behind us,
we can say with are fully competent to design,
develop / implement and encase all types and dimensions of the lagoons.

We also offer all the main and auxiliary materials from renowned European manufacturers.
Geotextiles, geomembranes and various other geocomposites can be delivered and installed in a very short time
on your site, not only for lagoon projects, but also for other applications such as roads, landfills,
a variety of slopes – erosion control and the like.

HDPE membranes are polyethylene films of high strength. The most commonly applied to landfills,

reservoirs, ornamental lakes, canals, sometimes as basic waterproofing and similar applications. 

Due to the excellent chemical resistance are commonly used as a base in landfills.

Please feel free to contact us in connection with your queries, ideas and concepts,
we will gladly help you with the development and implementation of the same!


Drainage composite


Geoblanket geomat




Bentonite geocomposite