The ideal solution if you need to warehouse materials, storage for vehicles and machines.

Tunnels perfectly serve the purpose of storage of hay and straw.
 A common application of the tunnels is for keeping ruminants at free berth and covering sports facilities.

 In our offer you will find tunnels with a solid and stable steel construction and high-quality and resistant PVC covers.

Warm galvanized steel structure is made of pipes 60x60x3mm, constituting a solid arches and are set at intervals of 1200mm. This design enables the construction of the tunnel large length, and ensures stability at high wind speeds (up to 100 km / h) and under the snow load (160 kg / m2).

The innovative double retaining system for soil ensures maximum stability and fully avoids the need for concrete foundations.

We offer our clients a wide range of color PVC cover, to make them easier to comply with the surrounding area or the company’s visual identity. We are able to deliver a variety of two-color covers to allow natural light to enter the room.

Benefits Panontech tunnel:

– High quality workmanship and galvanizing construction
– Innovative double retaining system for foundation
– Resistance to wind up to 100 km / h
– Resistance to snow load up to 160 kg / m2
– Horizontal fixing structures are far from PVC cover – prevents the accumulation of condensation on the carriers and dripping with them, all condensed water in the PVC cover slightly left without obstacles to the substrate / foundation – this is not the case with competing products.
– Ability to create different width and large length of tunnel
– The possibility of closing the frontal side of the tunnel and set up various options door
– Exceptional price / quality ratio, convenient storage space suitable for a variety of uses
– Quick and easy installation